Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Update (02 April, 2012) :
If anyone wants to publish a paper in biometrics, which you feel is revolutionary, try the BTAS conference. It was an international conference on biometrics and has very high value. The deadline is April, 15th

Update (29 April, 2012):
And I wrote a post about - how to become a hacker
My projects are at

Update (28 June, 2012):
There is a conference "What's in a Face" whose main aim is to improve the research on Human Face. The deadline is July 3rd. It's an international conference, and even if you think you could not attend (due to monetary problems), try sending the paper. If you get acceptance, then it is something that you can write proudly in your resume.

Best of luck :)

Update (05 July, 2012):
Have released the SURF source code. Enjoy :)

Update (24 September, 2012):
Anyway, my first paper. Similar to the thesis in I already uploaded this contains, SIFT vs SURF comparison for the same project using openCV 

Update (29 Nov, 2014)
Started a new blog, to make rational conversations. Below is the link 

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