Sun direct dish tv realignment

If you are using Sun direct DTH anywhere in the world, you might have faced problems with dish tv, getting only some channels recently, but not all. Many channels will come with message "No Signal received", while many others voice, picture comes in bits and pieces.

Instead of calling the sun direct customer care, I deviced a way to come out of this problem. Many online websites suggest you to realign the dish by doing the unscrew of below two bolts. But the max improvement I can get is 79% in the quality. Getting 90% suggested in those sites is very hard. May be we need to completely unscrew, but that involves the risk of losing all channels and calling the technician and telling him that you did not anything wrong.

Anyway will briefly outline the procedure for doing the above. Goto Menu, Advanced Installation, select the satellite which is already there, godown to TP and click on the TP. You will get a screen above. Now go near your dish, unscrewing the above screws try to move the dish up and down, until you see significant improve in quality. If you get above 90% in quality, you will get all channels without problem.

Now coming to the main issue, I could not get above 79% for quality, no matter how much ever I tilt the dish. Also many channels I observed were on other transponders - 12563/32000(which is the second transponder as you can see in figure above) rather than default one - 12316/30000. Also I observed the quality when I select the 12563/32000 transponder is nearly 3%. Then I came to the conclusion that unless we improve the quality of this transponder also, we cannot get all channels.

So I went near my dish, and rotated the LNB anti-clockwise direction. As you can see below, it can be rotated without using any device, just with hand. 

Once I did that, (I did not even finish a complete round), I saw 12563/32000 transponder quality bump up as below

Voila, all channels started coming now. With clear picture. Only the channels I haven't subscribed are not coming. Problem solved.

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