Sunday, September 11, 2011

CSU - Face Evaluation System

Guess, you people have unzipped the CSU face evaluation system, about which I explained in the previous post. After unzipping, consider the folder in which we unzipped is called Main folder.

Inside the Main folder, there will be a README file, that instructs how to install the CSU face evaluation system. Do it, and make sure it happens with out any errors. If there is an error, it is related to some package absense. Look through the error carefully and install the missing packages.

After installing, with in that README file, there are some tests related to scraps data which is present in the Mainfolder/data/csuScrapShots/source/pgm folder. These are the images from the year book of 1925 of CSU. So we can perform initial tests of PCA, LDA, Bayesian and EBGM approaches using the commands listed in the README.

Also, with in that README file, if you have FERET database, there are tests related to grey FERET database. If you don't have a FERET database, you can try to get it online searching in google. I would have given you, but it's redistribution is prohibited.

After running the tests on either of them or any one of them, you can view the results in Mainfolder/results folder.

The UsersGuide pdf document, that is present in the main folder, explains you everything you need to know, to get started using that system. It is like a bible for CSU face evaluation system.

In the main folder, the src folder contains C-programmes related to various executables that we use while we are running tests related to biometric face recognition.

The data folder is the epi centre of all the data that we use in running the tests. The normalised images are also stored here.

The distances folder contains the distance metrics related to PCA, LDA and other approaches. Carefully observe these distance files, relating it to the data. It is because, if you build a face recognition system, you have to make the distance files similar to the ones present here and keep them in a folder just like PCA, LDA and all and trigger the comparison scripts.

The final results are stored in results folder. The training data, which is created when we are doing PCA, LDA or Bayesian training is stored in train folder. 

This is it guys, I have shown you a way into biometric face recognition. Now it's up to you to figure out. If you need any help, leave the comments, I am always ready to help. If I think there is a need for extra post, I will definitely do it. 

But I don't want you to stick to my blog for your entire career. That is the reason I kept a time frame.

Life has to go on. Hit the "+1" on right side bar and say good bye.

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