Friday, June 10, 2011

Coding - Image Processing

I hope you already did the Hello World programme mentioned in the previous to previous post.For today, I will give you some assignments, try to do them.Take help of openCV documentation and the Hello World programme you had already written.Try to use the already available functions in openCV library as much as you can

Orginal Color Image

1.Make a color image into a grey scale image

Grey scale Image

2.Produce a negative of an image (Already over - helloworld)

Negative Image

3.Make a grey scale image, pure black and white (You can use the hint I mentioned in the previous post)

4.Apply patches of 4 different colors to an images

Patched Image

5.Calculate the mean, variance and standard deviation of the image

6.Create the histogram of an image, it should be printed as a seperate image

Blue Pane
Green Pane
Red Pane

Histogram is a graph, which plots the intensity of a color versus all the pixels in the image.It shows the intensity of that color at every pixel value of the image.So for an RGB image there will be three different histograms each corresponding to a different color and for grey scale only one.

If you have any doubts post them in the comments section and I am giving you three days of time to accomplish these tasks, meet you again on Tuesday

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