Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to learn Open CV ?

If you already know a programming language, you are halfway through, since it's only a library and mostly it provides single line functions, that make the most complex tasks easier.

I personally don't recommend any book, since I have never read any book and have no patience to read except novels :)

All the examples I provide will be related to C-language and you can easily get it and understand correlating with other languages.

I will start with image processing and take you slowly to the part where open cv can be used to perform Face Recognition. One thing I want to mention here is that there is no robust face recognising software in the market.Yes, it's the truth.The one I demonstrate, also will not be, but you can use your creativity...

And one more thing, don't read all the posts at a time, each day follow a post and go into it thoroughly.Yeah, now coming to the titled topic, this is the starting step, which will be in my next post ..

Installing Open CV

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