Monday, June 13, 2011

Face recognition

Today, let me tell you about the importance of face recognition and why is it the most sought out research in the present decade.You may have already been using the "iphoto" from Apple, which lets you name people once and then it automatically searches through your entire photo library and names them.That's face recognition.Let me tell you something more.What if it names wrong ?

Credit: Simson Garfinkel and Beth Rosenberg

Here's the greatness of Apple, it updates it mathematical model and becomes more robust.Some times it may ask you doubts also, like a small child learning to crawl :)

Google's picasa also offers, I hadn't tested it, but reviews say it is in no way the nearest competitor to Apple.You may have already heard of facebook auto tagging feature, which is a very great idea, but facebook should not have automatically enabled that feature in all accounts.And the latest news is that Google's trying to take advantage of it.It's former CEO Eric Schmidt appealed to the US government that it's a threat to national security.You may have already heard of facebook hiring a private agency to launch "article" attack on google.That's a wholly different story let's come back to our topic.

Apart from fun, actually the main reason why face recognition had to be invented and to be moved forward like a crusade is the security threats.Reports say that after the 9/11 attacks, the US government has been heavily investing on this, so that the technology can be applied in airports, railway stations and other public places to detect terrorists.But whenever the terrorist grows some beard or changes hair style or face color, it fails.Although recently more scientists claim that they have discovered the best technologies, there is no clear winner in this arena, due to the diversity in the testing procedures.Some facial recognition technologies use one image per person, while others need more than four images per person, and some need facial landmark locations accurately.In order to over come this a common facial recognition test need to be conducted using the same data for all.

This need is discovered by the Us Government early on and they have carried out these tests for every four years or so.They started the tests in 1993 and successively conducted on 1993, 1994, 1996, 2000.Recently they started  a new format for testing called "Face Recognition Grand Challenge" (FRGC).The most recent one is the FRVT 2006.They may conduct another one in 2012

 If  your college or university wants to participate in that evaluation, you can visit their home page.Below is the link for it

More about face recognition later on.

I hope you are doing well with the assignments, tommorrow I will post all the code snippets for the assignments I gave you.By the end of this month you will be pursuing the research on face recognition I assure you.If you are a first timer, visiting this blog,  you can view the archives in the right hand side.

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