Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keep working

I expect every one of you is going forward with the assignments.There are some more confusing terms you will encounter while doing the assignments, let me give some details

  1. Step - A step is the number of column pixels present in an image.So for every step, the height of the image increases by one step
  2. Components - They are equivalent to channels, so for an RGB image, there are 3 components (Red, Green, Blue) and for a grey scaled image, there is 1 component (White)
  3. Resolution - This is the dimension of the image, in simple terms it is number of row pixels / number of column pixels
Also  this is one of the links that I forgot to give, it gives the best possible documentation for openCV

You can hack the code given in the below link to perform display histograms

Keep going forward with enthusiasm and curiosity, I have a time frame for this blog to complete the tutorial in the next 25 posts, but I may take a leave in the middle after the 30th of this month for 20 days, will try to complete it before that.I want to take you people till face recognition and leave you there for furthur research

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