Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Installed openCV, so what's next ?

Now you have crossed the most important barrier and came till here.Most people I know left the openCV during the installation itself feeling the complexity.Anyways, openCV is not for normal people :)

First of all, before getting started I want to introduce you to some links

The most important of all is the below link, which contains all the basics of getting started with openCV, try to implement and run the HelloWorld programme mentioned in the website
Introduction to programming with OpenCV

Next, a common metting point for all openCV users in the world, just like a common meeting point for you with your friends is openCV users yahoo group.Join it

OpenCV Yahoo Users group

There is open CV 2.1 documentation available in the below link, download the pdf

And here's the official cheat sheet for it

The above two links contain all the basic functionalities that you can use with standard openCV library and their corresponding meaning and uses. While doing the hello world programme, I mentioned above, these documents can be used for reference to know, what each open CV function does

The most important of all, compiling a C++ programme written in openCV, it's one of the lengthiest and you have no need at all to understand what it implies.Consider the name of your programme is "Hell.cpp" and you want a executable "Hell", below is the code for compiling it

g++ Hell.cpp -o Hell \
    -I /usr/local/include/opencv -L /usr/local/lib  \
    -lm -lcv -lhighgui -lcvaux

From the next post on, we start diving into the programming part, starting with image processing.

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